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We offer a select range of services. Should you have a need outside our area of competence, we are happy to recommend you partners in our PRS network and beyond.

Corporate insurance

Corporate insurance

Risk management strategy
Risk mangement strategy
Insurance optimisation

At PRS Capital Solutions, we do not look at insurance for its own sake. For us, insurance is one element of a coherent risk management strategy, which is aligned with the corporate key performance indicators (KPI).

Therefore, we help you beyond just insurance consulting

  • Expressing the value creation of your risk management in terms of your company’s KPIs

  • Aligning the financial goals of your company with your risk management strategy

  • Developing adverse scenarios in order to identify substantial risks and defining strategies to address them (with instruments far beyond insurance if necessary)

Together, we will work to address all aspects of risk management

  • Risk avoidance

  • Risk mitigation

  • Risk transfer

  • Risk retention

Insurance optimisation

What is the right role of insurance as part of your risk management?

A thorough modelling of your risks provide a profound basis to decide on

  • Lines of business to be insured

  • Retention and limit optimisation

  • Programme structure (including structured solutions and alternative risk transfer)


Our results will also provide valuable arguments for negotiations on premiums, terms, and conditions.

Captive services

Insurance capital strategy

Internal models
Reinsurance strategy
Business development
Captive strategy
Captive services
Actuarial consulting

We believe a captive can create value provided it is fully aligned with the corporate risk management. We always consider this prerequisite when we consult on strategic questions like

  • Captive feasibility

  • Captive location

  • Captive set-up

  • Captive run-off

  • Programme structure optimisation: lines of business, deductibles, limits

  • Risk retention

Actuarial consulting

In our eyes, the internal cost and effort for the corporate insurance manager and the staff can be substantially reduced by the choice of the right service provider. Together with our partners in the PRS network, we deliver in a timely, competent, and pragmatic manner the services you need, eg

  • Reserving

  • Solvency calculations

  • Regulatory reporting

  • Premium allocation

  • Pricing

  • Governance

Together with our partners in the PRS network, we provide you the accounting services you need, with the ease of doing business you are used to from your internal units

  • General and technical accounting

  • Internal, tax, and regulatory reporting

Insurance risk and capital

(Partial) Internal models can be an incredibly powerful instrument by aligning the internal risk management view with the regulator’s perspective. Complementing the services of Prime Re Solutions, we offer advice on the strategic implications, governance, and validation of such a model.

Which reinsurance strategy fits the needs of your company best? Which methods of alternative risk transfer make sense?

Answering these questions is challenging, but can mean better protection of your insurance company and, potentially, savings on your reinsurance spending.

In particular for smaller reinsurers and insurers, it is a challenge do develop and maintain a distinct client base. We stay specific in our offering here, as with all our other services. We discuss with you the greater picture: your marketing approach, your strategic clients, your innovative ideas – but we don’t stop here and help you also with your concrete client pitches.

Internal models: goverance and strategy
Reinsurance strategy
Business development
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