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We aim to provide "advice you can trust".
Our chairman shares his thoughts what this means to us.

Honest advice

It is surprisingly difficult to get for good money good advice. "Advisor", "consultant", and the like are no protected terms and pretty much everyone could offer services of that kind. Well, and quite some do. There is no denying the fact that the poor reputation of the consulting business is deserved, in general.
So, do we deserve your trust? Let me invite you to put us to the test.


We understand your problems

If you are in charge of insurance, you have great responsibility. Your company trusts you with taking the right decisions on a budget of millions, and to find ways to protect the company’s assets and its future, worth billions of Swiss Francs.

Please have a look at our growing collection of papers. We hope they show you how close we are to your daily challenges.


We concentrate on our competencies
We are aware of the immense effects an incompetent advice could have. Thus, we concentrate on a select range of services, services in which we have a substantial track record.

Our captive offering is quite comprehensive (excluding tax), and it goes far beyond mere off-the-shelf actuarial and accounting services. We take on the specific corporate perspective and see what measures maximise the captive's value creation for the firm. 

The same view characterises our services in corporate insurance in general. Whether you have a captive or not - I am convinced you will benefit from our approach to see insurance as part of the overall risk management, in particular as we are not associated with insurers or paid by brokerage.

In addition, we offer select services for insurance and reinsurance, often complementing the expertise of other PRS entities.
And this is pretty much all where we feel comfortable offering advice. There might be some other cases in which we can help you; however, honest advice means for us in particular to help you finding support elsewhere if we are not competent enough.

We are independent and think long-term
Due to the fact that the people who work at PRS have literally stakes in the company, we have a very low staff turnover. We do not transfer proceeds to any stakeholder outside of PRS, nor can we transfer responsibility. It all stays with us, and we are most likely around in ten, twenty years in that company – so we really have no other option than to advise in your best interest.

Thus, long-term is the key term. It defines what we are in a single word. It’s what PRS is all about and what made me join and become the chairman of that company.

A most joyful mission under the above conditions.

Sincerely yours




Dr. Volker Lauff

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