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We believe that those who are (lucky enough to be) successful should give back to society, and we invite you to let us know whether we are on the right track.

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Most social return on investment

We are committed to provide the best advice for our clients on corporate insurance. While we support our clients in a clearly defined, narrow range of services, we see the world outside our niche, too. There, our only way to support is by giving money. 

A company of our size has only humble means. One reason more to follow the approach we advocate when we consult our clients on budget optimisation – we apply down-to-earth common sense together with research and analytics to find out where we create the most value for the buck. 

Our preferred partner

Since 2018, we have selected SolidarMed ( Over the years, our contribution has increased from CHF 3'000 to CHF 7'000. This reflects our growing client base. 

Reasons to select SolidarMed

After we applied our due diligence on various options, it became clear to us that we want to support SolidarMed:

  • The organisation helps in regions where most others are not present

  • The work is based on involving and teaching local staff, with great empathy for the local culture

  • The perspective is long-term

  • Michael Hobbins, responsible for Research and Quality at SolidarMed, inspired us with trust that there is the right mix of passion, compassion, knowledge, and strategic thinking

  • A whopping 79% of the donations go into direct project work

We hope you agree with our decision when you have visited SolidarMed's site and checked their annual reports!

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