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Giving back

At PRS Capital Solutions – we are very much aware of how privileged we can live in Switzerland. Many are not that lucky. Therefore, we think that those who are well-off should give back to society.

Prime Re Solutions: your partner for Actuarial Engineering. With many years of insurance expertise, PRS can advise you on how to improve your actuarial function or step in in partnership to run your actuarial services.

Charity Challenge


Our charity budget will be CHF 3’000 in 2018.

A company of our size has only humble means. One reason more to follow the approach we advocate when we consult our clients on budget optimisation – we apply down-to-earth common sense together with research and analytics to find out where we get the most bang for the buck! Even better: we invite you to participate in the process! Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas by contacting us. If the final decision in our annual Charity Challenge convinced you, we are also happy to share with you the way to contribute, too, should you wish.

Our current favourite:

menstruation caps for pupils in Kenya.

Well, probably not the matter you’d be most eager to talk about over lunch. But a serious issue for young women wanting to attend school and lacking the money to afford the mainstream menstrual hygiene products. Many miss the lessons!

There is strong evidence that education of women is a key factor to improve the living standard in developing countries. This sum would most likely allow some 200 young women to attend their classes for some three years each.  We choose Kenya here as the country has already experience with such programmes and our money would certainly reach the addressees.

But what do you think? Can you think of a better way to spend this money?


Please let us know!

  • submission deadline 30/09/2018

  • Decision 31/10/2018

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